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Farmer’s Market Sides & Salads

    Farmer's Market Sides & Salads

    Crab Pasta Salad

    Summer on the farm is a really busy time so I apologize for taking so long to post this recipe! Without further ado….I introduce to you,  Crab Pasta Salad.  Now, I must warn you, as I have in the past…I am not a recipe follower nor do I measure! Please feel free to use amounts you think are appropriate.   You can always add more of what you think may be missing.


    1 pound medium pasta shells

    1 pound package imitation crab meat, torn or cut into bite size pieces

    4 green onions

    3 stalks of celery, diced

    2 cans of sliced olives

    1 cup sour cream

    1 cup mayo *

    1-2 TBSP yellow mustard


    salt to taste

    fresh ground black pepper


    Cook pasta according to package instructions…be careful…do NOT over cook.  Nobody wants mushy pasta!  Drain and rinse with cold water.

    Whisk together the sour cream, mayo & mustard. Squeeze in  a tablespoon or so of fresh lemon juice and whisk again.

    In a LARGE bowl (you need room to mix), mix pasta, crab, onions, celery and olives.

    Pour the dressing over the pasta mixture and stir gently.  Add salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste. ( I use a lot of fresh ground pepper!)

    Refrigerate for AT LEAST two hours before serving.

    * I use Spin Blend as I am not a big Mayo fan but you may use whatever you like.





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