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    I started this website as first a blog back in 2008. Why? I wanted to connect with not only like-minded folks but also with people who did know or understand much about living life on a family farm. Since I am a farmer’s daughter and now a farmer’s wife I feel I have a lot to share. Cooking and gardening topics are also things I share about as I’m an avid cook and gardener. I was a very active blogger for many years but lately I’ve been sharing our story mostly on Instagram and Facebook. I have decided to try to get back to sharing here mostly through photos.

    Photography is the story I fail to put into words. ~Destin Sparks

    I wanted to share a collage of a few of my photos taken this summer. Shown starting on left and going clockwise.

    A sample of our hard red spring wheat held in my husband’s rough, rugged and hard-working hand.

    Combining hard red spring wheat at sundown.

    A few of our ladies waiting for the hay to get rolled out. We had a drought this spring and summer and our cows needed supplemental feedings as the pasutres dried up.

    The sun rising over one of our soybean fields.

    A field of our spring wheat ready to be harvested.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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